two hundred and four

Our girls haven’t seen many full length movies. Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Tangled are the exceptions to the rule, and even those don’t often get watched the whole way through.

Having seen Ratatouille myself a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have considered showing it to the girls any time soon- the plot themes are a bit adult (heirs, wills, mean food critics, illegitimate sons…) and there is quite a bit of violence (old lady with the gun, for one) for our liking.

But there it was, showing at the Tabernacle on family movie night, so we went.

Catherine seemed to enjoy it. There was plenty of physical comedy to keep her interest. I think she followed the plot fairly well.

Esme, on the other hand, spent the entire movie asking, “what’s happening now?”. The whole movie was way above her and although she made it through to the end, I doubt she really enjoyed it. She moved around from seat to seat and bench to bench and didn’t focus much at all on the movie.

All of this leads me to wonder- If I knew that the movie wouldn’t be to our liking, yet they really wanted to go…was going the right decision or would we have all been better off getting to bed on time with a nice story?

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