Lunch Date

two hundred and six

Agenda: Return library books Buy a white t-shirt for tye-dyeing at Jr Campmeeting tomorrow Lunch from La Choza, eat at a local picnic table

What happened: Library- Returned books, renewed Zoboomafoo DVD, ran in to friend Morgan and played computer games for a while, checked out books, played chess.

Found a thrift store- poked around for a white t-shirt, browsed the rest of the store, became enamored with Garfield in the book section, realized the shirt didn’t have a tag, breathed a sigh of relief when the woman told us it was $1 (exactly what I had in change in my pocket!)

Went to La Choza, ordered, saw the rain and parked in a scenic location for a car lunch, Catherine saw that the forgot the cheese on hers, but she ate it anyway!

Super nice date!

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