A Bicycling Trio

two hundred and ten

This trio of wheeled contraptions has served us well over the past two weeks and I imagine they will continue to be well used in the coming month.

With Catherine and I riding our own bikes and Esme pulling up the rear in the trailer we have biked to the beach, to the playground, to nature class, and all around the neighborhood.

Today’s bike outing was to the MV Airport for a picnic lunch, some playground playing, some dog petting and a whole lot of airplane watching. A very pleasant destination, indeed. It seems like no matter how hot and humid the weather, the airport and the state forest always tend to have a breeze!

We are all having a wonderful time out on the trails- Catherine’s skill and confidence levels have skyrocketed, I’m thankful for the fresh air and activity and (judging from the pleasant singing coming from her shady, screened, rolling palace) Esme is enjoying the scenery as we roll along!

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