The Sharks

two hundred and thirteen

Things that we got at the library that you might expect:

*the following books: Pippi in the South Seas, 365 Penguins, Let’s Get Ready to Play Outside, It’s all about Me-ow and The Secret Lives of Codebreakers.

*the following movies: Captain January (Shirley Temple), The Wiggles on Safari and Wild Kratts.

Things we got to see at the library that you might not expect:

*four pitchers for the MV Sharks.

The Oak Bluffs library held a little meet and greet with four players from the local collegiate baseball team this morning. We didn’t know about it before hand, but I am glad we happened to be there for it. The players did a short Q and A inside and then all the kids got a chance to hit whiffle balls that the pitchers tossed their way.

At the end, every child was given a ball and the players autographed them. Esme liked this part the best and she went up to all four of them and asked very politely for their “photograph”.

It was a very sweet, positive, and exciting program for the kids. I think it built up a little more community spirit and gave a positive impression of the Sharks in general. There is a very good chance I’ll be taking the girls to see a game in the next few weeks.

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