Home Pending

two hundred and forty

The summer of 2013 has been a long hot summer of adventure; of moving and staying and of best guesses and uncertainty.

We three girls came to my parents’ house for a two week visit that turned into a two month stay. And we have squeezed every ounce of awesome from it!

We have gone from home to rental cottage to tent to hotel to Grandpa and Nonni’s all since May, and we are missing Peter, tucked into the guest bed in some very generous friends’ home.

We have missed friends. We have missed activities. We have missed familiar routines and places.

We have wondered when we’ll go ‘back to America’ and we hesitate to make any September plans in case we don’t get back by then.

As August comes to a close and we look into September, I am cautiously happy to say that not only is the sale pending, but so are our home plans, hopes and dreams. We’ve got our sights on North Salem and we’re hoping to be home soon.

3 thoughts on “Home Pending

  1. Ruth

    Salem is awesome! It was the one place I told God I didn’t want to live when Josh and I first married. God laughed at me. It was the only place I could find an apartment. We now have very dear friends in and around Salem.


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