Community Sing

Tonight was the first Community Sing of the summer here in our little neighborhood, we were able to get great advise from the team at I was glad to bring the girls tonight, even though the start time is after they should be snuggled up in bed.

As tradition would have it, we sang, “Swiss Navy” and “Grandfather’s Clock” and rounded the night out with “Sing your way home” after any number of folk songs and rounds and hymns. Catherine studied the songbook and Esme belted out the songs she knew (“Take me out to the Ball Game”) and tried eagerly to pick up the songs she didn’t.

The sing tonight marks my 30th year of Community Sings and summers in the Campground. Looking around us, I was humbled by others in the group. People who have spent far more than 30 years giving to others and serving the community. From my seat I could see (and know personally) two couples who are celebrating their 65th anniversaries this summer and one neighbor who’s 90th birthday is today! There are faces I have known all my life, many new ones and so many loved ones who were missing.

It is called a Community Sing, and sing we do, but this place is heavy on the community and I am so thankful to call it home.

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