Ghost Writer

We have been so, so fortunate to have had many days in a row of perfect, summer, beach weather! After the winter we just had, you can be sure that we have been taking full advantage of these lovely days!

Today, though, when the girls and I were discussing our plans, they asked if we couldn’t have a “home day”. I wrestled with myself a little bit- home days tend to have a little more tv in them than I’d like and I usually end up cleaning up scads of art projects gone amiss.. but the three of us did need a day out of the sun, so, in the end, we stayed home.

This week at the library, I stumbled across a dvd collection of Ghost Writer episodes. They were instantly checked out as I floated home surround by a cloud of nostalgia. I popped the first dvd in this morning, not knowing that the house would soon be filled with Ghost Writer hysteria!

Posters were made and Ghost Writer fan pennants were crafted and taped to colored pencils to wave around. Esme practiced her new reading skills with every new note on the screen and Catherine set to work making keys and writing notes in code. When doing things in another room I was visited frequently and given detailed updates on the plots and the clues the kids were using to solve their mysteries. Plans were made for the forming of a potential Ghost Writer fan club. Episode after episode after episode was eagerly consumed.

I had hoped they would enjoy it, as I did, but I hadn’t expected their all consuming enthusiasm for a twenty four year old* PBS show. It was all just to fantastic! In a world where kids tv shows with diverse, smart, girls and boys are hard to find, I’m glad that this one can stand the test of time…mostly!

The girls are in bed now, but they changed into their pjs talking about GW and I’m sure it will be the first thing they want to do in the morning. They may have spent a huge part of today watching tv, but they used their minds and talents creatively, made connections, practiced new and old skills and were thoroughly entertained. Win, win, win, win, win.

*Catherine did note, “This show must be pretty old. I can tell because of all the old fashioned things.” So, true, Catherine. And you didn’t even mention the wardrobes!

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