I’ve had this idea floating around my head for a while now: make each of the girls a fleece neck gaiters. There is no reason I shouldn’t have jumped on this project considering the following:

1. I found, and pinned, a decent tutorial on how to sew a fleece gaiter. The know-how was taken care of.

2. I had all the supplies on hand. The fleece came from a freecycle pickup a few years ago (read: $0), and the rest only required regular sewing notions.

3. I knew the girls would want and like them, AND they would save time and frustration as scarf replacements. So, thumbs up all around.

4. Once I did it the job only took about twenty minutes total. I definitely have had the time to fit a little sewing in.

But still, it took me weeks and weeks to get my act together. But today, I bit the bullet, pulled out the fleece and whipped up two of these little darlings for my little darlings.

(and now they can stop trying to steal mine every time the wind whips!)

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