Take Me Out to the Ballfield

We had a great time a the Sox/Orioles game tonight.

Interesting events:

*Exchanged a smile and wave with Eliot the Jordan’s Furniture guy!

*Poor Sox player getting stepped on by a (very apologetic) Oriole’s player.

*Friendly fire Out for the Sox- the runner was hit by the ball, fresh from the bat, on his way from first to second base.

*Foul ball hit straight into our section, hitting the knee of the man in front of us, which scared his girlfriend causing her to toss her beer onto their friend and the Dad-guy sitting next to them. His son ended up with the ball.

Everyone knows that we’re not massive sports fans, but we fully appreciate the opportunity to see the Sox in person. The girls get a kick out of it and even the poor plays are interesting to watch. We sing Sweet Caroline and beg for peanuts and Cracker Jacks and make a good, old fashioned night of it. National Pastime for the win!

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