Monthly Archives: July 2015

Background Monsters

We visited The Science Behind Pixar exhibit at the MOS today. It was a fascinating look at the math and computer programming and science and lighting and everything else that goes into creating a Pixar movie.

Special mentions go to the intro video which was very funny and the good mix of males and females represented in their various science and math based roles at Pixar.

We’ll definitely be going back.

Video Text

Esme has a bit of a reputation for sending Peter video texts whenever she finds my phone unattended. This is a still from one of those texts. I think, with just a bit of creativity, you can imagine the rest of the video!

The Graces

It was a beautiful afternoon at the park today. Frogs were caught, frisbees were thrown, friends were carried piggy-back around the field and the kids (and some moms!) were transported back to the 1800s.

We introduced the game of Graces to our friends and, even though it was intended as a game for girls when it was created, it was a hit with both the girls and boys in our group!

Just before Bedtime

As the clock ticked onward into the evening, I started to wonder if I would find something interesting enough to photograph for today.

I should not have worried, though, for at 5 minutes before bedtime, my eldest came into the room with these penguins on parade.

What We do for a Free Dinner

Three years ago I wrote up a funny little post here called Moo! (or Last Minute Cow Costumes on a Budget of Zero Dollars). It documented my creation of four(ish) cow costumes in about two hours in order to get free food.

Yesterday, I noticed a huge spike in visitors to this little record of our lives. Almost 300 visitors had stopped by and then another 600 today. I’d say that that one entry is, hands down, the most popular thing ever written on this site! You might as well go take a look, too! It has some cute pics of the girls 🙂

Tonight we took out those same costumes, slipped them on, answered some awkward questions in the mall parking lot, and then ate $27 worth of free chicken, fruit, waffle fries and drinks. We ran into the same friends as we did 3 years ago (and some others as well!) and had a lovely, cow filled, evening.

Whoever said my compulsive need to craft and to costume my children would never amount to anything?!? (well, no one, actually…)


To be honest, I had plans to use my sewing machine this afternoon. I tried to put off this kid and her ideas for ‘sewing something’. I tried to put her off till tomorrow, but there was no having it.

In the end I spent the afternoon going through our fabric stash, helping her make a plan and supervising the iron and sewing machine use. With minor guidance from me, Catherine was able to make this sweet skirt on her own. And boy, was she ever proud!

{and so was I}