Monthly Archives: November 2015


We enjoyed a tour of a local post office today, with a kind Postmaster as our guide. I think all in our group were fascinated by the iceberg nature of the post office. As customers we experience the small lobby and counter. Behind the scenes, however, it opens up into a vast room full of cubbies and carts and s p a c e. There was so much more unimagined behind the doors.

We also got to check out a mail truck. So cool.


It was a beautiful November beach day today!

Catherine spent the morning building herself a little fort. She persevered through accidents and design changes and eventually she was contented with it. I love it and I love her!

In the Orchard

I think we picked our weight in apples today!

For any locals who are interested, here are the details: Smolak Farms in North Andover- $5/adult- pick as many apples as you can carry. Bring your own bags! There were still tons of apples on the trees this morning.


This was the last of a long line of trees climbed by Esme while we spent some time at the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary today during Catherine’s art class.

We’ve been enjoying our adventuring together every Thursday morning and I am constantly reminded how fortunate we are to live in an area with so many opportunities and wonderful places to explore!

Rainbow Dash

Our little fan girl has started designing her own clothes! I couldn’t be more proud.

After a day of brainstorming and asking for advice and google searching pics of Rainbow Dash and drawing, on both paper and on sandpaper, this awesome t-shirt was created. We, as a family, tend to steer clear of ‘branded’ merchandise, though a few things slip in here and there. Somehow, however, making and wearing her own pony shirt feels a whole lot different.

Catherine was thrilled and tickled pink by the outcome and I love to see her experimenting with new things and combining her interests into new projects. She definitely went to bed a happy girl tonight!