Monthly Archives: April 2017

Junior Ranger

On this continuing journey of taking and sharing a daily photo I rarely strive for photographic perfection. I am content to capture moments in our lives without concern for lighting or composure or even focus.

But some days the stars align and I stumble across a scene so naturally lovely that I feel compelled to put in a little effort. I am so pleased with everything in this little shot.

Lowell National Historic Site, April 2017

Percy Jackson Fans

The Percy Jackson/Mythology obsession is still going strong around here, and today’s trip to see The Lightening Thief in Concord, NH was just the thing my little Half-Bloods were looking for. Even better to have friends to enjoy it with (those in this photo and others)!

A year-long passion for mythology and history, paired with interdisciplinary endeavors is just about all a life-learning, unschooling Mama could ask for!

Movie Makers

These three (plus one) spent the afternoon making movies together. A second before I took this photo they were all sitting with their backs to me, watching their latest ‘episode’. Just as I snapped the pic one jumped up and I caught this rather dramatic looking, but actually benign, scene.