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The Girl who Never Stops Reading

I routinely check out a ton of random library books that I think the girls might find interesting that they might not have found on their own. Most of the time I just include them in the stack and set them out with the other books and see if they pique anyone’s interest.

Many times I tote those same books back to the library unread. That’s okay. There are plenty of things to read and I don’t always get it right. But I do really love the times that they pull out and read that book that I knew they’d love, but didn’t want to push on them.

I found this one left by a favorite reading spot this afternoon and she brought it up in conversation tonight. Perfect!

Cast Selfie

Most of the younger cast of Cinderella. One is already in character 🙂

These kids have a TON of energy between them and I’m sure that rehearsals throughout the summer were tough on them AND the director, but they pulled out a fantastic play, deepened their friendships and had a fantastic time!

Built on Love

I can never really find the words to describe my love for Built on Stilts. It is by far my favorite event of the season on MV (maybe because I am merely a spectator?) and we look forward to it every year. Dancers of all shapes and sizes and ages and abilities dance. They bring hip hop and ballroom and jazz and ballet and contemporary styles alive. They are creative and loving and are very much loved by the audience. Nothing pretentious, just dance and the passions that come with it.

Over the years it has fostered a love of dance in our little family. We find ourselves talking about performances we have seen well after the summer has ended and even years later. The dances are beautiful and provocative and sometimes really weird, but they all have value and meaning and they have added so much depth to our enjoyment and understanding of dance.

Songs from the Fields

In the midst of painting fake food today we were able to sneak in a little local culture. The girls and I attended a performance of the Martha’s Vineyard Spirituals Choir, led by Jim Thomas of the U.S. Slave Song Project.

The songs were familiar as well as new, especially to the girls, but it was the commentary that made the event special. Stories of slavery and hope and escape and trickery. Personal stories of a great Grandmother born into slavery. Audience questions answered with care and honesty.

The program was part of the larger “2nd Annual Oak Bluffs African-American Literature & Culture Festival” at the Oak Bluffs Library. We will make it an aim to attend more of their programming next year at the 3rd annual gathering.