Monthly Archives: June 2017

Tide Pools

“Mama! We named these periwinkles ‘Moana’ and ‘Hei Hei’ and we’ve set them asail in boats we made from shells!”

I can’t think of a better way to spend the last day of Spring!

Detail: Esme and Sean on Crowninshield Island, Marblehead.


Just another example of how new skills can be learned at the most surprising of times. We were watching an after dinner movie tonight (“O Brother Where Art Thou?”) and she was playing with her hair, washed and brushed out for once! I suggested trying to put a pony tail in, and after an hour or so of working at it she had the hang of it.

Any time is a good time for a little life lesson!


Last art class for the season. When I picked her up from class I was greeted by a friend and class mate who told me, “I really want to tell you that Catherine is becoming quite a good painter!” Her instructors both commented on her growth, both artistically and personally. She’s so, so happy with her time at Acorn, and so am I!

Mini Team

I was fortunate enough to be the room mom for these dear girls (plus one) at their recital last month. They were a pleasant, giggly bunch, but fully dedicated to their craft when their cues came. Their friendship and camaraderie was adorable to witness.

Today I was able to finally see the recital on dvd, straight on and not just bits and pieces from the wings, and I was so proud of their hard work and sweet performances. Dance on, my little ducklings, dance on!

Donkey Kong

We brought a friend to the MOS today. I spent most of the afternoon taking a series of photos that look very much like this one. Attached at the hip and chatting and laughing the whole time. Love, love, love them.