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blacklist_to_modsec looking for a good home

Just FYI: I am no longer actively using or maintaining the ***blacklist_to_modsec|*** script. I am currently using ***Brad Choate|***’s ***SpamLookup|*** to block comment and trackback spam, and it’s working wonderfully.

If anyone is interested in taking over ownership and maintenance of blacklist_to_modsec, please let me know. Otherwise, this is the last you’ll hear about it.

***Timothy Appnel|*** has offered to take blacklist_to_modsec off of my hands. Contact him for any further information on the project.

blacklist_to_modsec 1.5

Tonight I’m releasing blacklist_to_modsec version 1.5. This update offers much-improved support if you want to pull your rules directly from your local ***MT-Blacklist|*** database. This is mostly due to a parsing routine written by ***David Phillips|***, who has been invaluable in this project.
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blacklist_to_modsec 1.1

blacklist_to_modsec 1.1 has a few useful changes:

* When updating from the ‘Latest Changes’ URL, the script now checks each change against the existing blacklist to see if it would have any effect. Only those changes which would cause a net difference in the existing blacklist are applied.
* The script now logs each change that is made to the existing blacklist when it is running an update.

As before, please share any questions, comments, or suggestions.

***Download and documentation here|***

blacklist_to_modsec 1.0

I’ve made a pretty big overhaul to ***blacklist_to_modsec|***, my script for converting ***Jay Allen|***’s master blacklist into ***mod_security|*** rules. Using blacklist_to_modsec with mod_security can help protect your blog from comment or trackback spam, whether you’re using WordPress, Movable Type, or something else. If you’re interested, read on.
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