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Maundy Thursday Drawings

When it comes to taking small children to church, Peter and I are of the opinion that kids are a welcome and loved addition to any service. We’re very lucky to be part of a church family that feels the same way. Our girls are never the quietest or best behaved in the crowd, but they love to be there!

Last night was our Maundy Thursday service, which is traditionally a quiet, contemplative occasion. Peter was already planning to attend (as he was playing his cello for the service) but I wasn’t sure about bringing the girls along. In the end I decided that it would be better for them to attend as long as they could and it would be a good opportunity to see their Papa worship with his music.

Catherine brought along a notebook that hadn’t yet been drawn in. She was fairly intent on her drawings, which kept her relatively quiet and still. Afterwards I realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to see what kinds of things the service had inspired her to draw. I am really intrigued and would love to know just what she was thinking and feeling!


This one is Peter playing the cello. (I know because it is very similar to some others she has done this week)

The rest here are a little more open to interpretation.



For larger photos click here to get to the gallery!


I should also note, in case it makes a difference to anyone, that all these drawings were made using Smencils. So in addition to the pictures looking great they smell fantastic!