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Epic Picnic Fail!

There were signs that maybe this evening’s picnic at Dane Street Beach wasn’t meant to happen. It could have been when we arrived at the beach and were greeted with a chilly breeze. Maybe it was when Esme flung an entire shovelful of sand onto our picnic blanket while we were eating our egg salad sandwiches, coating Rebecca’s with sand. But if those signs weren’t enough, we knew the picnic was doomed when “Rambo,” someone’s unleashed Boston Terrier, ran all over our picnic while we were still trying to eat the remains of our meal, kicking sand into everything, ate a bite of my sandwich, stole one of the girls’ sand shovels, ran across our blanket two or three more times, all while his owners did little or nothing to rein him in. At this point we just had to laugh about our misfortune, and agreed that it was time to pack it in. To add insult to injury, as we were packing up, one of the dog’s owners started giving away vaporizers for everyone and blew a cloud of second-hand smoke towards us from upwind. Here’s to knowing when enough is enough!

Of course, despite our misfortune, I managed to get some photos of the outing, showing that in the midst of the ‘fail,’ there was still some ‘win’ to be had.

Lynch Park, Independence Park, Dane Street Beach, it doesn't matter... great view of the power plant from all!

Lynch Park, Independence Park, Dane Street Beach, it doesn't matter... great view of the Salem Power Plant from all!

See the rest o’ the photos in our gallery.

My Foreign Policy Question

We’ve been watching tonight’s Presidential “town hall” style debate. Frankly, all of these debates just make me sick and don’t really make me want to vote for any of the candidates. Politics in general just sickens me, but at the moment that’s not my point.

Right now, the question I’d like to ask the candidates is, “What exactly are you going to do to stop the forces of Blue Laser? Will you ensure that the Cheat Commandos have sufficient supplies of Cheat Commandos…O’s?

Senor Cardgage Mortgage

Like many twenty-somethings, Becky and I have often dreamed of buying our first home. Now, with a little help from ***Senor Cardgage Mortgage|***, that dream might just become a realty-ity.

Or something.

In other news…

***Just remember, when you see this gag in a movie three years from now, you read about it on Yahoo! News first.|****

Funny Politics

I don’t know how many of you read ***Zug|***, one of the sites we link to, but he has recently posted the results of his most hilarious prank yet:

***The Senator Prank|***

The gist is that John Hargrave wrote a letter to each of the United States’ 100 senators, posing as a 10-year-old boy. He claimed to be working on a government-related project for school, and that the tack he had taken was to ask our senators what their favorite joke was.

You can see the results of the prank at the link above, but to cut to the chase, the results are in, and the funniest Senator was Olympia Snowe (R-ME), while the unfunniest Senator was Hillary Clinton (D-NY).