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Father’s Day Weekend, 2008

This past weekend, Rebecca, Catherine and I traveled up to Quechee, Vermont to see the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. We camped out at Ascutney State Park, as the Quechee campground was full, but most of our time was spent in and around Quechee and Woodstock. It proved to be a very enjoyable weekend for all of us! Read on for more details and photos!

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Florida 2008

Our trip to Florida was filled with sun, sand, ocean, games, food, rest, and relaxation. We spent a week in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, at a beach house rented from the family of a friend of my sister. There was no real agenda, although we did do a dolphin cruise one day. The best part, though, was getting to see my family:

the fam

For all of the photos from the trip, check out the Florida 2008 photo gallery.

Next week’s forecast: relaxing!

I’m liking this forecast for next week:

We’ll be heading down to Florida on Saturday for a week with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. Sun, sand, warm weather, a house on the beach, nothing to do but relax. 🙂 (Kudos to Tripit for the extremely usable, well-designed, and feature-packed website which produced the above forecast, among other things. Just forward an email confirmation to for airline tickets, car rental, hotel reservation, etc, and Tripit will automatically build an itinerary with all sorts of useful info.)

In the meantime, I just have a few days of work to wrap up, some packing to do for the trip, and an Apple Store opening to attend tomorrow night. 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t already, please stop by Peter R. Wood Photography for some new photos, journal entries, and general photography information. I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions you have for things you’d like to see on that site!

Driving Photos

By holding the camera facing backwards and aiming ‘blind’, I was able to capture some photos in the car during our trip last week. I think they tell a great story of our adventure.

Sometimes Catherine was awake:

pink glasses
hippos and one sock

Sometimes she was asleep:

asleep 1
asleep 2
asleep 3

Sometimes Momma drove the car:

momma drives

And sometimes Baby drove 🙂

baby drives

Heading Home

Friday morning saw Catherine and I packing up, eating breakfast and saying our goodbyes to Kirsten and Mark. We hopped in the car and proceeded to shuffle off to Buffalo. The rain stayed with us the whole trip, but we enjoyed the tap, tap, tap that it played on the roof.

Catherine especially liked playing with the Lyttles, our hosts for the night:


Making noise with the windchimes

bouncy ball

Bouncing a ball

Corn Field

I had the opportunity to visit my lovely friend Heather today while Catherine had some quality time with Grandma.

Heather and I had a little knitting lesson, became engrossed in some philosophical discussions about life, drank some tea, ate lunch at Biddie’s and visited some giant ears of corn. Not necessarily in that order.

Heather and Corn

Heather and the Corn

WoodBlogging-On Location:Ohio

Catherine and I have logged quite a few hours on the road over the past two days. Including pit stops and lunch dates and such it comes out to around 18 hours total. The trip was not as challenging or long and I had expected it to be.

Catherine makes for a pleasant driving companion. She enjoyed watching the trucks pass by, digging through her bag of toys and books, listening to an ever changing selection of music and occasionally taking a little nap.

We are settling in nicely here in Ohio and are looking forward to spending lots of time with Grandma, Grandpa, Kirsten and Mark.

Here are a few pics from the trip so far:

Papa and Catherine

Saying goodbye to Papa

on the road

We’re on the road!


Yes, that’s a pen. Yes, she’s writing. You’re right, there’s no paper…