Back from Hiatus

Yes, I deserve a whack on the knuckles. I’m sorry I’ve been so delinquent. Here’s somethings I’ve been thinking about lately.

*This week, it became legal in Massachusetts for same-sex couples to attain marriage licenses from the state. Monday was a day of joyous celebration and vicious opposition. I have many thoughts on this issue that I won’t bore you with here, but I do want to send one message out to the Gay/Lesbian population. PLEASE, please, fight just as long and hard to save your marriage when times get tough as you did to attain the right to marry. Marriage is a privilage. Don’t abuse it.

*I went for the first time to the Beverly Public Library’s Scrabble Club tonight. There were 5 other players there, all of them much older than me. They were nice, and very good at the game. I held my own, however, and kept my scores close to my scores at home. Although these players were great, and compete in tournaments and such, I think I like playing at home better. The skilled players are all obsessed with using two letter words to get super high scores. Peter and I like to find interesting words or long words or such. Our scores may be lower, but the game is much more interesting. {a side note for those from Townsend} One woman there reminded me very much of Judy Hancewicz. Not as nice or as funny, but she tried hard to be! 🙂

*I’ve found another neat site for those addicted to knitting. ***Magknits|*** is very much like ***Knitty|*** and has lots of interesting articles and patterns. It inspires me.

*Tonight is the last episode of Law & Order in which Detective Lenny Briscoe will appear. I know he wants/needs to move on (to a spin off?) but he will be greatly missed.

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