It’s not easy being green

We all know that the gas prices are going up, up, up. It seems that every time I pass my favorite gas station the numbers have climbed. Given the circumstances, I guess I can understand why the prices have to go up, and, actually, the high prices aren’t the biggest bother to me. I consider myself a pretty frugal person. I’m really good at cutting coupons and planning my grocery shopping so that I get the best deals. I hardly ever buy anything at retail prices. At gas stations there are no ways to get a break on the prices. No coupons, no buy-one-get-one incentives, no sales.

The answer to saving money on gas is, of course, just to use less. Or to use what you have in a more efficient way. I’ve compiled a list of links that may help you to reduce the amount of gas you burn while running your daily errands or commuting.

***The Environmental Health Center|***

I think that most of these say basically the same things, but repetition is good for the memory!

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