Census, part 1

Tubes of chapstick residing at the Wood household as of 2/22/05.

In the ‘key box’ by the door (1) 7UP flavored tube, (1) Cherry 7UP flavored tube.
In the drawer under the microwave (1) unopened Softlips in cool cherry flavor
On my bedside table (1) Marshmello flavored tube
In the bathroom drawer (1) Unopened “classic” Chapstick, (1) unopened “Merlot” colored, shimmery Burt’s Bees tube.
In my desk drawer (1) Medicated Chapstick
In Peter’s desk drawer (1) Vaseline brand Lip Therepy, (2) unopened Chapstick with Lip Moisturizer
In a purse I hardly use (1) Softlips cool cherry flavored tube.
In the bag I carry to work (1) Chapstick with Lip Moisturizer.

total: 12

3 thoughts on “Census, part 1

  1. michelle

    I got a tube of “Junior Mints” flavoured lip balm for Christmas from my friend Jodi.

    I was putting it on at church on Sunday and my roommate said “What is that horrendous stench?”

    I thought it smelled a little bit like cheap chocolate, but it tastes like mint. But I’m not sure I’ll use the rest of it in public anymore.


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