Quarters and Ocean’s

I seem to always find the best deals while shopping with ***Jenn|http://junefourteenth.blogspot.com***. Last time it was some cool cheap stuff at Ikea in Paramus and this time the bargins were found in the $1.00 section of Target. Now, you might think that $1.00 is pretty cheap, but we found a section that was 75% off. That’s right, foks, lots of good junk for just a quarter! So, we filled a little basket with our treasures and off we went on our merry way!

Later in the evening we hit the Loews theater for a showing of ***Ocean’s Twelve|http://oceans12.warnerbros.com/flash.html***. I must say that I enjoyed it. The cast was entertaining and there were a number of great cameos. I loved Ocean’s Eleven which was a shiny, slick, clever movie. It’s sequel felt more like a frat party and it was nice to be invited.

A very nice evening all around and made even better by the discovery on Monday morning of the current airing of “Ed” on TNT 🙂 WooHoo! Shave my Poodle!

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