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***Art|*** just got back from a ***trip to Peru|***. He brought the folks at work some nifty little boxes. They are carved from some sort of nut. Here’s mine:

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0151|Box Closed|ggg

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0152|Box Open|ggg Weblogger Meetup Article

Today at there’s an ***article|*** on the Boston Weblogger Meetup that I attended last month. Thanks to ***Steve Garfield|*** for ***pointing it out|***.

Speaking of Boston Webloggers, there’s another meetup coming on ***February 28|***. I’ll probably be there, though my RSVP is officially ‘Maybe’ at this point.

Flippin’ Sweet Pics

Tonight Becky and I hosted a small but fun Napoleon Dynamite viewing party at our apartment. One of the highlights was the taking of Glamour Shot photos. All of the photos from tonight, including the Glamour Shots, can be found ***here|***.

The Hosts|ppp

Note: If you had your photo taken at the party, and would like a full-resolution copy of your photo, just let me know. I can email it to you or make other arrangements for you to pick it up.

I captionated the photos in the gallery… enjoy!

My (Self-Assigned) Title

Chief Purchaser Of Unnecessary But Nonetheless Yummy Grocery Items

I think that the proclivity that caused me to assume this title is something that I picked up after 20 years of living with the King POUBNYGI, my father (Mom, I am sure you can chime in with some examples…). Becky is usually far too sensible, health-conscious, and thrifty to make such purchases herself, so the extremely difficult task usually “falls” to me.

Tonight I picked up a bag of “Hint of Lime” Tostitos, a package of AriZona diet iced tea mix, and two half-gallons of Edy’s ice cream. (Side note: at Stop and Shop, there is almost always at least one brand of ice cream that is on sale. This time it was buy-one-get-one-free for Edy’s ice cream.)

A POUBNYGI’s job is never done.

My Royal Diadem

My middle name, Ryan, means ‘little king’. It is appropriate, therefore, that I just received a ‘little crown.’ The dentist attached the final part of my root canal work, a dental crown for my top left back molar. This process actually only took about five minutes and wasn’t painful at all. He just had to pull off the temporary crown, put in some cement, and stick in the real crown. It is custom molded for my tooth, so it fit perfectly. In the same appointment, he also filled in one last cavity. And that’s it… no more scheduled dentist appointments until this summer, when I go back for my six month checkup.

So, kids, if you would like to avoid all of this, brush at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day, and get in to see your dentist for a checkup every six months. It’s cheap insurance for what is a very pricey bit of work. Thank you for your attention. This has been a public service announcement from World Wide Wood.


Sometimes, when I don’t have anything else to read I pick up one of Peter’s books that are lying around. Luckily, most of the time I wind up enjoying them. Last week, for instance, I devoured aaa|Neverwhere|0380789019|aaa by Neil Gaiman.

I’ve read some other things by him and have like them. This was no exception. Although Gaiman’s work may be catagorized as “science fiction” I find him to be much more palatable than other SF I’ve come across. Gaiman writes about humans who come in contact with the supernatural. Interestingly enough, the supernatural creatures are very human-like.

The story takes place in the Londons… London-Under and London-Above. A man from London Above (our London) gets swept into London Under and becomes intangled in the lives of those that live there. After facing certian death on several occasions he…

Well, lets just say that I was satisfied with the ending, despite how it turned out…

Things I Love About My Wife

She has a smile that can make me happy under any circumstances.
She packs lunches for me in the morning, whether she feels like it or not.
She is fair and considerate and listens to all sides of a discussion, rarely taking a side herself.
(She is always on my side, though…)
She knows a million and one ways to cheer me up and make me smile.
She uses the word ‘w00t’ both in writing and in verbal communication.
She likes ***Taco Bell|*** as much as I do.
She is always on the same wavelength with me humor-wise, which is a pretty rare feat.
She can cook, knit, sew, quilt, and write HTML code when the need arises.
She has such a broad base of knowledge that she can start or participate in a conversation on pretty much anything.
The things she doesn’t know, she admits, and is genuinely interested in learning about them.
She has taught me the importance of saving money, spending less, being frugal, and shopping for bargains. Through this she has also helped reshape our family finances, moving us towards a debt-free existence by using a service that offer guaranteed approval everytime, so we could get money to pay all debts.
She has opened my mind to the world of musicals. I’ve seen/heard/enjoyed more in the past few years than I ever did in my the years before. And I tell you, it gives me a lot of fun songs to sing along to.
She remembers pretty much everything. I’ve been trying to pick up some of this ability from her… but though I am improving, I daresay I’m quite glad she has the kind of memory that she does.
She made me a ‘Vote For Pedro’ T-shirt (some of you will get to see this very soon…)
She made me an ***iPod cozy|***. How flippin’ sweet is that?

Becky is just plain awesome in every single way. I don’t think I could possibly tell her that enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.

Feliz Cumpleanos!

It’s been a while since we’ve had any birthdays! Today will make up for it as we celebrate THREE! (we’ll go in age order!)

My Papa Quitadamo is celebrating his 80th Birthday today. The fam will all get together on Sunday to party hearty!

ppp|Becky and Papa|ppp

And my beloved twin cousins are turning two! Can you believe it?

ppp|The Twins|ppp

Site Redesigns

***Will|*** has just redesigned his site. He’s also done a lot of work to categorize his entries, and has moved his links list to a separate page.

***Corey|*** has also recently redesigned his site. Look at that photo. You so bad, Corey!