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Mpix = Goodpix

If you’re looking for an online photo printing service that prints *very* high quality prints, take a look at [Mpix]( I uploaded my digital photos to their website and placed my order on Tuesday, and received my prints on Friday. They arrived in a nice hard sided envelope to help protect them from the tribulations of the US Postal Service. The quality of the prints themselves are *excellent*. Mpix offers several choices of paper, as well as custom printed gifts, matting, framing, retouching, color correction, etc. I’d highly recommend them if you want to get the highest quality photographic prints, and don’t mind paying a bit more than average. Head over to []( today to order a free sample of their photo paper.

Longest Commute Ever

Well, for me at least. Normally it takes me 25 minutes to get home. I leave at 4:45 and get home by 5:10. Today, I left at 4:35 and got home at 7:25. Two hours and fifty minutes! Here’s to hoping that future winter storms, which will certainly be worse than this one, do not produce such a horrible commute. We’ve made it through worse than this. Everyone just take it easy, stay clear of the driver in front of you, and don’t slam on those brakes!

A Bit O’ Snow


We’ve got a wee bit o’ snow here in Beverly! I say a wee bit, because it’s certainly not as much as we’ve gotten in [the past]( Maybe four inches of light, fluffy snow so far. We’ll see how it goes! (See all of [this morning’s photos](

Live Long and Prosper, Jeremias

Happy Birthday, Jeremias!

ppp|Jeremias and Lucas|ppp

Above, Jeremy shows Lucas the Vulcan sign for “Live Long and Prosper”. Lucas is the son of our mutual friends Bob and Leah. We got together with them [back in October](

Head over to Jeremy and Angela’s site [The Biggs Picture]( They’ve been having trouble getting Blogger to publish to their website, so there aren’t any recent updates. But check it out anyway!

Odd Symptom

As luck would have it, the last few months have been full of bad pregnancy symptoms and aweful cold symptoms. I’m feeling somewhat better now, but I have fully experienced morning sickness (morning, noon and night!), constant nausea, coughing, congestion, extreme exhaustion etc.etc.

Currently I am experiencing a completely unexpected symptom. I assume it is pregnancy related, but I can’t be sure. Looking in the mirror a few days ago I noticed something different…the bottom inch of my hair seemed to be turning blond!

I called Peter into the room and he confirmed my suspicions. Very weird. Here’s a picture that just barely shows the change. In real life it looks really blond!


On Digital Photo Storage and Sharing

Some people are content to choose one way to do a thing. I’m not like that. I am constantly re-evaluating the way I do things, trying to find the most efficient methods. Perhaps it’s a mental disorder. Maybe I should get help. I don’t find that it has much impact on my life, but it does generate a lot of thinking cycles in my head that might otherwise be used on more useful or profound thoughts.

Anyway, one of the things I constantly re-evaluate is the way that I store, catalog, and share my digital photos. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my next advances in this area, and after a little bit of research, I’m made some interesting discoveries.
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Lecturology at the MoS

Boston’s [Museum of Science]( has been running a series of free, public lectures called “Lecturology”. These are sort of popular science lectures, designed to be accessible to a wide variety of individuals. I have attended two such lectures this week; one was good, the other, not so good.
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Boston at Night

fff|ppp|Zakim at Night
Zakim at Night|ppp|fff

On Tuesday night I attended a lecture at the [Museum of Science]( The lecture itself is a topic for another post, but before the lecture started, I went up to the top of the MoS parking garage and took some night-time photos of Boston. Some of them came out really well, others not so good. You can check them all out [here](