Darkness+Making Lunch= ??

This morning I had to catch an earlier train than I usually do. So I got up before Peter and attempted to get ready without waking him up. This involved leaving the lights off (for the most part).

I reached into the freezer for some frozen Chili, looked at the package in my hand, and, convinced that it was chili, packed it in my lunch bag.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I went to reheat the ‘chili’…only to find that it was frozen spaghetti sauce and 2 meatballs!!! Not exactly what I had planned on. Luckily, it had barely thawed out and I went down the street and got a sandwich instead.

4 thoughts on “Darkness+Making Lunch= ??

  1. Peter

    Hee hee! That ended differently than I thought it was going to. I was expecting, “But I love meatballs and sauce, so I just ate it anyway! Yum!” 😛

  2. rebecca

    Ha! I did seriously think about eating it…but since I had some cash I thought that a sandwich would be more appropriate. And since it’s still frozen I can just stick it in the freezer for later!

  3. Beth

    That happened to me once . . .
    I thought I was taking leftover pizza wrapped in tin-foil for lunch, but it actually turned out to be a slab of uncooked bacon. I was laughing for the rest of the day about that one.


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