Jordan Collier/Cliff Secord

Maybe you didn’t know, but imdb is one of my favorite websites out there. I often use their search features to find out who’s who in many of my favorite tv shows and movies. Every once and a while I come across something completely unexpected. Today was one of those instances.

Have you seen the TV show The 4400? It is on the USA network and has just finished airing season three. (We watched the first two seasons on DVD from Netflix so you can too!) It is a fantastic science fiction show with the premise that 4400 people were abducted during the 20th century (apparently to the future) and were all returned on one night, many with special powers. I find it fascinating.

Anyhoo. There’s a character named Jordan Collier. He’s somewhat of a Christ figure (JC!) and fairly controversial. Never mind that, though. I just realized who he is…

Cliff Secord! Or for those of you for whom that name doesn’t ring a bell… He was The ROCKETEER! I was shocked. (and I can tell you are too!) I can hardly wait for season 4 to start up next summer so that I can watch Jordan Collier with a whole new perspective.

4 thoughts on “Jordan Collier/Cliff Secord

  1. Beth

    That’s such a great site. I use it all the time when I’m watching a TV show or movie and some one looks familiar – “what have I seen him/her in before?”
    It just burns me up until I can figure it out, sometimes with the help of
    There is a new TV show starting this fall about a male/female pair of hostage negotiators and I couldn’t figure out where I had seen the male character before. I looked him up and realized he was the main character in “Office Space”. Only then could I rest easy!

  2. jennifair

    AHHHH! I loved that movie! I thought he was such a cutie… and yeah, now that I recall the commercials, it is him! I wanted to be Jenny – she was so beautiful. Ah, the movies of our pre-teen years – Disney gave us to greats in two years – Rocketeer and Newsies! 🙂


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