The Story of an Apartment

In June of 2002 I moved into apartment 1 at 11 Highland Terrace. It was a sunny day and the move, with the exception of one roll over accident on route 3, went off without a hitch. It seemed like such a huge place. Especially since I barely had any furniture! Who remembers getting pizza and eating it sitting on the floor? Raise your hands!

Since Peter and I wouldn’t be married for another five months my first roommate was my good friend Bethany. Between the two of us, and some generous family members, we were able to find some things to sit and sleep on and we slowly furnished the place.

Bethany moved out and Peter moved in that fall. The apartment treated us very well over the past five years. We started out with a bedroom and an office/sewing room along with the kitchen and living room. Once Catherine joined us we sacrificed the office for a nursery. Even with our family addition we haven’t felt cramped.

Over the years we have hosted quite a few celebrations in our little abode: Survivor parties, Opening Ceremonies parties for the Summer 04 and Winter 06 Olympics, our Napoleon Dynamite Party, Birthdays, a homecoming get together, Christmases…and so many more. We didn’t have a ton of space, but we loved to share it with friends and family!

Being in Downtown Beverly has been wonderful. We had two, off street, parking spaces which is rare in this neighborhood. The laundromat was right next door and we could walk almost anywhere we needed to: church, the library, Bell Market (RIP), Family Dollar, the banks, the beach, the parks…you get the idea. I was even able to commute into work in Boston easily since the train depot was just two blocks away. I know that I will miss running errands on foot.

I won’t miss living below ground. The windows were right at ground level! Luckily, we got a good amount of sunlight regardless of the window location. It will be nice to look outside and see more than the shrubs.

It is sad to leave the place I’ve lived for five years. This apartment has been a warm, cozy, welcoming place to come home to. We’ve grown accustomed to its quirks and had made it our own.

But, time rolls on and so do we. Onward towards another adventure! Do you have a nice 11 Highland Terrace memory? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear it!

6 thoughts on “The Story of an Apartment

  1. Grandma Wood

    Of course, I remember our first” at home” visit with new baby Catherine. It was wonderful sitting on the sofa holding her. I loved seeing the sweet little nursery with all the baby things. Before that, I remember a Christmas visit, walking to the restaurant nearby in tons of snow. How fun to wear the cracker crowns around your table at holiday time.!

  2. jennifair

    I have lots of good memories from 11 highland terrace, including writing the address a million times on different pieces of mail through the years!
    I think that the first time I ever visited I entered the place alone – Bec, you were babysitting, I think! Another strange visit included hearing a mid-night cat fight (cats, not people!) outside in the parking lot through the open windows. Of course there were lots of cool parties and times I was fortunate to visit – making s’mores, the Napolean Dynamite party, coming up to see Catherine on her 2 week birthday, homecoming, and countless other times, too. You have always had an open-door policy for those of us fortunate ones, and I appreciated it! 🙂
    But as much fun and great memories as that place has held, I think it has been completely filled up with them – there really isn’t room there for any more! So it’s on to a new place, all fresh and ready for the countless memories it will be a part of. Congratulations!

  3. Jenny R.

    11 Highland Terrace was the backdrop to a LOT of fond memories I have of spending time with good friends 😀


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