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One of my ongoing life projects is to become more Earth friendly. I am getting closer and closer to that goal by tackling one step at a time. Recently, I have been working hard to eliminate plastic bags from my life.

I do like having some plastic bags around the house. They come in handy for trash, or whatnot, but I don’t like them that much. I don’t need (or have the space for) the hundreds of plastic bags I could collect during my shopping trips. And all that plastic is awful for the environment.

So, when I head to our local Market Basket I try my hardest to remember my canvas bags. I have three or four which can usually handle my biweekly grocery trip. If I have an unusually large amount of canned goods I find a box to catch the overflow.

This system works pretty well, provided that I a)remember to bring the bags along with me and b)have the patience to teach the grocery baggers how to bag groceries without “paper or plastic”. I try to make it easier for the baggers by putting done the bag on the conveyor belt first, followed by everything I’d like to go into that bag. Sometimes they “get it,” sometimes they don’t.

Bringing my own bags takes a little more work on my part than getting the standard issue plastic sacks, but I think it is worth it. Today at the store I saw at least three people leaving with only two plastic bags of groceries. Think of how easy it would have been for them to bring their own canvas bag instead of using plastic.

On my way out I saw a woman carrying her “paper in plastic” bags back into the store. I wanted to say “Good Job!” but I didn’t. Then I regretted not saying anything. So, if you use canvas…GOOD JOB! Keep up the good work!”

ETA: Bethany’s comment reminded me that I had meant to share a link she had sent to me a couple weeks ago. San Francisco to Ban Plastic Bags I think it is great! After all the first key in the mantra is “REDUCE” then “reuse and recycle”. The fewer plastic bags there are, the less energy will be needed to recycle them!

7 thoughts on “Canvas Bagging It

  1. Tammy

    Great job with the canvas bags! I have 5 that we use every week and I keep them in the trunk of the car so I don’t forget them.

  2. jennifair

    I have a few bags I like to use. One has temporarily found a use for school, but I will hopefully reclaim it soon. They are really pretty, too! (Here is a link to one of them…
    I got mine at A&P.)

    I used to try to use canvas bags at the grocery when we lived in the Tavilla apt. I didn’t always remember, but they did get used! It really is such a great idea! I try to encourage others to do it, too. People look at me a little strangely in some places, and I definitely do my own bagging more often, but whatever. 🙂

  3. Beth

    I echo your environmental sentiments, Becky, but usually don’t remember to bring bags (I am not usually heading to the store from home, either). But you inspired me with your post, and today I made myself remember to bring some re-used paper bags to the grocery store.

  4. Jenny R.

    I have about 4 canvas bags I use, and three of them are collapsible ones that fold and snap so they store easily. They hold more than plastic and are easier to carry than paper-in-plastic, and they help the environment, so it’s win-win! Plus, I’m able to carry most everything up from the car in one trip, which is a huge advantage, since I hate trekking up, setting stuff down (and making sure Pepper doesn’t escape!) and then doing it all over again.

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