Christmas Crafting

I was determined to make many of our Christmas presents this year. Besides the tangible benefits- less cost, less waste, etc.- it was nice for me to have little projects to keep my fingers busy during the days. And most of them I could do right on the couch while Catherine played! It was much more relaxing that walking the mall!

Now that the surprises are no longer surprises I thought I’d share the things I made.


I was inspired by a photo online to try these Christmas cards this year. They weren’t difficult to make, but very time consuming. I definitely had fun making them and loved the way that they came out.


Knit dishcloths for my Mom and Mother-in-Law. They look really fancy, but were pretty simple to knit. I was glad to have these finished by the end of October. They set the crafting ball in motion for the rest of the season.


Not a great picture, but you can see the little pincushion that I whipped up for my Mom. All the fabrics were scraps from my fabric box!


A pair of cozy leg warmers for Catherine. These come in handy since she doesn’t always love wearing pants. Or any clothes. Sometimes she won’t keep these on either 🙂


A Pink, Orange, Purple and White quilt for Catherine. While I was making it she would come up and say, “What’cha makin, Mama? A quilt to me?” and I’d say, “yup. but, shhh, it’s a surprise”. She’d get all sneaky looking and say okay and tiptoe away. Too cute! The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted (for those that are curious about that sort of thing)


Froggy Bean Bag Game for Catherine. (#3 seems to be missing). Frog bean bags that you toss onto the lily pads. Lots of possibilities for games to be invented. All frogs are from stash fabrics- old skirts, sheets, pj pants, etc 🙂


New Geeky Onesies ‘for’ Peter. He’s already mentioned them. Click here for their gallery and bigger pics. I had fun coming up with cute logos and such that reflect Peter’s personality and interests.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. Leanne

    Those cards were amazing. Seriously. I felt honored to receive one because of how great they were, especially since I was a Christmas card slacker this year 🙁

  2. jennifair

    I agree with Leanne. Cards just didn’t happen this year. But I was so amazingly thrilled with the ubercrafty card. Someday I’ll grow up and be like you. Someday.

  3. Angela

    So you DID make those cards! I thought so, but I couldn’t quite tell because it looked so perfect (and I almost pulled it apart trying to see how it was done 🙂 ). I’ve actually been planning on keeping that one on the piano instead of tossing it with the rest. Love the quilt too. 🙂

  4. jill

    You crafts are fantastic! I absolutely loved the christmas card – couldn’t help but show it to everyone who came over! 🙂


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