One month (or so) left

Our official due date is February 27th. Exactly one month from today! We’re all getting more and more excited to meet this little one as the days go on. My midwife appointments have been every two weeks for a short while now and I suspect we’ll go to weekly very soon. Everything is still looking good- the cyst has been monitored via ultrasound and has not caused any trouble since December. I’ve been feeling about as well as can be expected. I’m pretty tired and sore and it takes me forever to walk anywhere! Luckily, I look very pregnant so I think that saves me from looking totally strange as I waddle through the parking lot at the library.

We’ve been working on a bunch of things as we prepare to be a family of four. Some things are specifically baby related and some are only tangentially related. You can see my ongoing “before the baby” to-do list below. [Catherine has made her own additions]


Specifically baby related activities include (but are not limited to)-
*Childbirth preparation reading– So far I’ve re-read Husband Coached Childbirth and have read for the first time Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Birthing From Within. Peter and I were fairly pleased with the birthing experience that we had with Catherine and are hoping for a similar experience. The books are good as a refresher course and remind me that every birth is different and that it is important to keep an open mind to the possibilities.
*Baby Laundry– I have yet to get from the attic our gender neutral newborn clothes, but those and a ton of newborn cloth diapers will need a good wash before the babe arrives.

*Baby Set-up– Fortunately, babies don’t need a whole lot when they first arrive; milk, clothing, diapers and a cozy place to sleep will do for a while. But we’ve set up the rocker and footstool in our room, made a space for the bassinet next to my side of the bed and are trying to figure the best place to store diapers and clothes
*Crafts!– I’ve been doing a little creating for the little one. A little white, bunny hat is ready and waiting and will hopefully be joined by a little matching knit kimono. I’ve also made a baby wrap (just like a MobyWrap) for Peter and I to carry baby in. I’m so looking forward to a little snuggle!

Not so Baby Specific activities-
*General House Organization– We’ve been working room by room around the house cleaning up, paring down and organizing our possessions. It seems that every time we go through our things (clothes, toys, whatever) we are willing to part with more and more. It creates cleaner and clearer spaces in our home and allows us to free our minds to focus on other, more important things.
*Feeding the Freezer– I’m trying to double at least one recipe a week so that I can freeze the extra for use later. Soon I’ll be wishing we had a larger freezer, but I know the meals will come in handy when I’m really not feeling like cooking. It will help keep our budget in check as well since we won’t be as tempted to eat/order out.
*Resting– For a while Catherine had given up her one daily nap. I was okay with that because she would go to bed at night easier (and at a manageable hour). But I started noticing that she really did need a nap during the day- and so did I. So now we both try to take a short nap before lunch and we’re both feeling better in the afternoon.

Peter has been very busy at work, but is looking forward to a two week paternity leave in the near future. Catherine, baby and I are looking forward to having him home as well.

I’m sure there’s more to say. Feel free to send any questions my way or just leave a comment to say hi!

5 thoughts on “One month (or so) left

  1. Grandma Wood

    We are so looking forward to our new grandchild’s arrival.
    I wish I could be closer to help with some of the list of things.
    Catherine will be such a wonderful sister. Praying that you will
    find these next few weeks good ones despite the snow moving up there right now. Take care!

  2. Bethany Joy Lange

    If I lived near you I’d organize 14-21 of your friends & neighbors (including ourselves) to drop off meals for you starting the day (or day after) you have the new little one. You wouldn’t even have to TOUCH your freezer things unless you needed something for lunch, and Peter would be totally off the hook for kitchen duty too. The first 2-3 weeks should just be relaxing, resting, snuggling, nursing, readjusting to the new family make-up…

    Oh I wish we could dissolve distance for a while! Some day maybe we’ll be able to teleport. 🙂

  3. michelle

    Can’t wait to hear of the new little Wood’s arrival! You’re #3 on the list of 14 friends of whom I know are currently pregnant… crazy explosion! 🙂 Praying for you guys as you prepare to be 4.

  4. Angela

    I am totally intimidated by that list. Wow. It looks like you’ve got a really solid handle on it though! If you’d like some help feeding your freezer, Jeremy and I would be happy to contribute to the cause.

  5. susie

    I can’t believe the baby is nearly here! I haven’t seen much of you this pregnancy, but I’ve been thinking about you. Cannot wait to meet the wee one…Also, can’t wait to see Momma Catherine in action (hee hee)


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