Where is the best place to make art?

On Greek Revival steps at the base of the Bunker Hill Monument?

By the glow of the dim emergency lights during the Charlestown Naval Yard’s introduction video?

In the shadow of an old photograph of an even older warship?

Or is it all of the above?

We never know when the need to sketch will strike. Today the need seemed to arise every time we paused for even a moment during our visit to Boston.

Were they drawing sketches of the historic sites we were visiting? Making architectural sketches or maps? Not today. Their interests leaned more towards dress designs and cartoon cats.

Art has the power to be a conduit for connection- between individuals, between cultures and between disciplines. The practice of creating is often art itself. The girls were soaking in their surroundings, putting their ideas and visions onto paper and making a physical/kinetic connection between the sites we visited and the drawings they created.

Where is the best place to make art?

Wherever you are.

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