Victorian Lady

Mom and I attended a terrific performance today, given by “The Victorian Lady,” Kandi Carle. In the photo above she is wearing drawers, chemise, corset, hoop skirt and hoop skirt cover. But she still isn’t nearly dressed!

From the program:

The presentation is not a fashion show, rather, Ms. Carle takes her audience on a journey of discovery by using clothing and accessories as a tool. She dresses in layer upon layer… and as each piece is added, she explains how it was worn, as well as when and where it was appropriate. Throughout the presentation she shares insights into the clothing, lifestyle, manners, etiquette and customs of men, women and children including great accessories from brands as The Fifth Collection and others. Included are interesting anecdotes and ‘myth busting.’

She was a wonderful performer and had the audience in her thrall the entire time. And I think that everyone learned a thing or two that they didn’t know before.

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