Songs from the Fields

In the midst of painting fake food today we were able to sneak in a little local culture. The girls and I attended a performance of the Martha’s Vineyard Spirituals Choir, led by Jim Thomas of the U.S. Slave Song Project.

The songs were familiar as well as new, especially to the girls, but it was the commentary that made the event special. Stories of slavery and hope and escape and trickery. Personal stories of a great Grandmother born into slavery. Audience questions answered with care and honesty.

The program was part of the larger “2nd Annual Oak Bluffs African-American Literature & Culture Festival” at the Oak Bluffs Library. We will make it an aim to attend more of their programming next year at the 3rd annual gathering.

One thought on “Songs from the Fields

  1. Susanna J. Sturgis

    Thank you so much for coming — and commenting! That presentation was our last of the season. Because Jim and several choir members are summer residents, our season is short: we gather to start rehearsing in mid to late April then do our first public performance in mid-June, and the last around now. The Oak Bluffs library staff have done a wonderful job with the African American Literature and Culture Festival, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. (I’m an alto in the choir, the dark-haired one in the back row.)


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