Embracing Imperfection

While preparing for this trip I read a lot of travel related material, books, blogs, etc. Many of these were illustrated with scads of gorgeous photos and perfectly timed moments. I am happy for those people.

But I am also finding peace in accepting that our travel experiences and photos will be much less professional, but much more our own. The lighting might be wrong and we might miss many of the “must see” sights and attractions, but the experiences are ours and the photos will tell our story.

I had pictured this photo actually having all six of our faces in it. But I also hadn’t known that this spot at the market is for pedestrians and vehicles. Lots of both. And so, I did the best I could but moved along with traffic even though the photo looked the way it does. Poor Esme is cut from the photo, but certainly wasn’t cut from our day’s adventures and fun.

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