Poverty Point

Poverty Point is not the showiest National Park, but it is an Unesco World Heritage site and they are very proud of it! The general theme of the park is that there are five large earthen mounds and several concentric ring mounds, all built by Native Americans between 1700 and 1350 BC. All the experts agree that they have no idea what they were for or why they were built, but are convinced that this was a large city of importance. Very interesting.

I texted Peter later in the day and described the park ranger as “a really friendly Ron Swanson.” He might have been a little too friendly! But he was super great with the girls and he taught us to throw spears, and even (hesitantly) let Esme have a go at this pump drill.

There is such a benefit to being the only visitors in the museum. We love having rangers all to ourselves!

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